Usp Labs Modern BCAA

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USPlabs Modern BCAA - The problem is we take so much of them, all of the artificial flavours and colours in high amounts can result in headaches, making us nauseous and basically leaving us feeling lethargic. Additionally, USPlabs, couldn't find the BCAA ratio they wanted, so developed them accordingly. It's called USPlabs Modern BCAA.

USPlabs Modern BCAA was developed under these strict rules

  • BCAA Ratio formulation with mTOR activation in mind
  • Ultra-Micronised
  • Mix Clean
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • Natural, refreshing taste
  • No L-Glutamine

8-1-1 BCAA Ratio

USPlabs Modern BCAA is formulated with an 8-1-1 leucine-isoleucine-valine ratio… Whilst leucine is the star performer, the other amino acids are necessary for it to be effective.

Results & Value

Many people are doubling, tripling, even quadrupling their dosage of BCAAs with a 2:1:1 & 4:1:1 bias in order to achieve better results. Given that leucine is possibly the amino acid responsible for this effect, particularly in skeletal muscle, having a formula with an 8:1:1 ratio eliminates the need for such increased dosing, effectively creating an enormous value in addition to the other benefits.


The BCAA's in USPlabs Modern BCAA utilise an advanced micronisation process that produces an incredibly light & voluminous powder that mixes great!