RSP Dyno Pre-Workout 30 Serve

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DyNO is designed to be the most explosive pre-workout formula we have seen to date. DyNO is formulated to maximize the primary components necessary to improve your workout: Intense Energy, Extreme Pumps and Increased Work Capacity.

Key Benefits of DYNO™:

• DyNO CNS Igniter Matrix contains 400 mg of caffeine in addition to auxiliary stimulant components providing intense energy and focus for every workout.*

• Effective dosages of Citrulline Malate and Agmatine Sulfate maximize vasodilation for extreme pumps.*

• Contains 2g of Beta Alanine for maximum work capacity to keep up with the intense energy provided by DyNO.*

• Great taste and solubility*

*For extreme workouts only. Never take more than one scoop.