Optimum Nutrition Glutamine

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Optimum Nutrition Glutamine

What is Optimum Nutrition Glutamine?

Whether you’re an athlete or an average Joe lifter, you already know that supplementation is important. There’s no need to pick up the latest and craziest products. Sticking with the classics is always a sure fire bet. Chances are that you already have protein and creatine on the shelf but are you also using glutamine?

This amino acid is the ideal stack to protein and creatine. Scientific studies have shown the benefits of glutamine supplementation including enhanced recovery, anti-catabolism, and lean muscle gains supports. Like any supplement in the industry, quality isn’t always guaranteed… until now. If you want an elite quality version of glutamine, then it’s time you tried Glutamine from Optimum Nutrition.

Packed with 5 grams of pharmaceutical grade glutamine per serving, this incredible supplement is easy to digest and quick to absorb. If you want to see real results in the weight room, on the track, or in the pool, it’s time you start using Glutamine from Optimum Nutrition.

What are the benefits of using Optimum Nutrition Glutamine?

Believe it or not, glutamine is actually the most abundant amino acid in the body. Despite being the most abundant, it’s also quickly used up during activities like exercise or sports. To maximize the benefits that glutamine may be able to provide you, you’ll want to supplement with Glutamine from Optimum Nutrition.

Muscle Recovery

Glutaminemay be able to boost your muscle recovery, ensuring that you can get right back into the gym to crush another workout.


If you’ve ever tried working out while you’re sick, you know how miserable of a task it can be. Glutamine may be able to boost your immune system. Studies show that subjects using glutamine saw a boost in immune response.


Catabolism, specifically exercise catabolism, refers to the breakdown of muscle and protein in the body when the hormone, Cortisol is released. Glutamine may be able to protect those precious lean muscle gains.

Who should be using Optimum Nutrition Glutamine?

If your goal is to boost your muscle mass or simply support your health, Glutamine from Optimum Nutrition may be an excellent supplement to add to your daily routine. When used as a consistent part of a diet and training program, Glutamine from Optimum Nutrition may be able to support your fitness goals and recovery.





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