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Hypoxylean Thermogenic Powder by USA Labs

If you are looking for an intense, high strength, buzzy, focus-y(?) fat burning pre workout, you are in the right place! USA Labs Hypoxylean Thermogenic Powder is a high quality, high strength fat burrning supplement with some mad, delicious flavours. Designed with the strong in mind, if you are not one for energy drinks, pre workouts and high stimulant supplements this bad boy might well put you on your butt! Hypoxylean is designed to give you a huge energy boost, increase your metabolism and daily calorie burn and make you feel REALLY happy while you lose weight. USA Labs deliver this with their intense but smart formula in Hypoxylean.

The No Crash/Feel Good Energy Blend

Caffeine Anhydrous & Di-Caffeine Malate, these two forms of caffeine will deliver a fast acting energy boost (Caffeine Anhydrous) and a sustained release of energy (Di Caffeine Malate) so you don't crash.

Synephrine this is another central nervous system stimulant that will help to boost your energy and calorie burn. Synephrine also known as Bitter Orange Extract is also a mild thermogenic which means it will increase your body temperature to get you sweating and put your body into the fat burning zone.

PEA or Phenylethylamine HCL, this is an old school ingredient and was really popular back in the day in the likes of Define-8 and Body Effects, PEA will increase energy, focus and will release dopamine to give you a great happy buzz.

Octopamine, another focus ingredient to help you fight off brainfog if you are sitting in a calorie defecit. 

Choline Bitartrate is a very cool ingredient, it will give you that laser like focus in the gym if you take Hypoxylean before training. Or will help you to get rid of diet brain or "brainfog". It will also help to expel oxidized fat from the liver which means your body can continue to burn fat and flush the toxins from your body more efficiently. Finally it will help to stop any crash from the high levels of stimulants.

The Weight Loss Blend

Synephrine & Capsicum these two ingredient will get you feeling hot under the collar (literally). They work to increase thermogenesis or your core body temperature which will increase the amount of calories you burn during the day and your fat burning potential.

Caffeine & Green Coffee Bean, these magical beans will help to increase your metabolism and have also been shown to mobilize stored body fat into the bloodstream where they can be utilized for energy.

Dandelion & Juniper Berry Extract, these two may not result in immediate fat loss but will stop you from carrying excess water weight. This is super helpful for females in particular as water retention can be a real issue at certain times during the month. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid, not necessarily only for fat burning, this ingredient will increase your insulin sensitivity. Being insulin sensitive is crucial for the efficient utilization of carbohydrates and protein and also satiety. AKA, the more insulin sensitive you are (when you have the correct nutrient timing - you can read about that over here: ) the more effectively your body can use nutrients to build muscle, create glycogen and burn fat. It will also help to make you feel fuller for longer.